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    Brain Technosys Recognized for Excellence in Web Development!

    October 15, 2019 — By Brain Technosys

    There’s been a recent trend among small development firms to become more and more specialized in one type of development. Companies want to come across to their customers as experts, so they stick to what they know really well.

    As this trend has grown, we have occasionally been asked why we continue to offer everything. The answer is simple: You don’t have to be an expert at one thing, when you can master many. Throughout 15 years of work and over 1.5 million hours of development experience, our customers have allowed us to develop a diverse group of teams with unparalleled knowledge in a range of digital industries:

    Clutch rating

    That’s why our first review on Clutch was a perfect 5 stars out of 5! Clutch helps businesses by gathering thorough data from customers to create detailed, verified ratings and reviews of tech service providers in every industry.

    In this project, we developed an account management website for a freight hub logistics company. The features we created allow our client’s customers to register an account with which to track their equipment, availability and timelines. We also built out a payment gateway that allows them to collect payment for their services way more easily!

    “Project management was very effective, as we were kept updated of progress and costs at all times … We are currently happy with their service and have not identified any areas that need improvement.”— Director, Freight Hub Logistics Company

    Having invested so much time into making our development process the easiest and most efficient it can be, we are delighted to hear feedback from satisfied customers like these. We are especially proud to have benefited a company that relies on accuracy in managing so many moving parts to be successful.

    Now that we have taken advantage of Clutch’s main service, we are considering maintaining profiles on their sister sites: The Manifest and Visual Objects. There, customers can see company listings of top developers like us or browse our portfolio to get a better sense of the aesthetics of our work.

    Clutch rating

    Development projects are often unpredictable and may end up being benefited by technologies you weren’t anticipating. Give yourself the flexibility to make your product the best it can be without sacrificing quality to do it. Contact us to get started today!