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    Amazing Google Webmasters Tool for Security Issue

    November 6, 2013 — By Brain Technosys

    Google has introduced the inclusion of a new segment in Webmasters Tools termed as“Security Issues.” This latest section is designed for effective communicating to site owners security matters like malware, website hacks and others, and then offering a more comprehensive and concise means of solving the problem and posting a review request.

    In the latest security issues segment, you will be able to:

    • Get more information regarding the security issues on your website, at one place.
    • Pinpoint the issue quicker with comprehensive code snippets.
    • Request review for entire issues in one go via the new simplified procedure.

    Get More Information:

    You’ll be able to view all kinds of security issues that might be on your website, such as malware error template injection, code injection, content injection and SQL injection for spam and a lot more.

    Here’s a screen shot of a few of these security issues as observed in Webmaster Tools:

    Identify The Security Threat:

    Google will then allow you to zoom into the real malware or hack, so that you can quickly scan your website for a match on that dubious snippet of code or content. Here’s an illustration of what that might look like:

    Quicker Review Requests:

    Eventually, after you resolve the issue(s) you can speedily look at box that says, “I have fixed these issues” and then click on the “Request a review” option to facilitate the review procedure. This would facilitate the procedure of eliminating a hack or malware warning on your website’s Google snippet and/or addition of your website back in Google’s search engine results.