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    Advantages Of Hiring a Dedicated Node.js Developer in India

    March 10, 2023 — By Brain Technosys

    Science and technology have contributed greatly in the Indian economy. Their role in the modern economic growth has been extremely noteworthy. Based on a recent report, there will be a whopping annual growth rate of 11.79% in the demand for Indian node js developers, overseas. This is predicted between the years 2022 to 2027. Accordingly, it would be safe to assume that most of them have mastered in the skill development process of node js. Coming to the meaning of the term ‘node js development,’ it can be called as a back-end solution that permits JavaScript to run on servers. This is done through a runtime environment known as Node.js. In the case of multitasking, Node.js runs efficiently as it consumes little resources of the server, but is fast while performing such operations.

    Node.js is reckoned as the most efficient method to decrease development costs. By doing so, it optimizes the efficiency and scalability so that Node.js developers can work better for an organization. Node.js is an open source programming language that can operate easily on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OSX. Node.js developers are typically recognized back-end developers. They provide front-end support through web based applications as well. Node.js developers in India, can build incredible web applications with this innovative programming language, using MySQL, Oracle, or NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, and Couch DB. Such developers are also responsible in the management function of data exchange between the users and the server.

    The following are some of the three distinct advantages of hiring a Node.js developer in India. They include, talent and expertise, offering customized solutions at an affordable rate, and providing all-time development support using time zone advantages. The knowledge that any Node.js developer should have includes, proficiency in the development of Node.js, possessing clear understanding of front end technology, familiarity with node framework, developing effective coding practice, user identification and expertise in the area data security, knowledge of API interactions and restful APIs, and database schema.

    While examining the cost of hiring a Node.js developer in India, startups in India can cut down costs and invest smartly in competent as well as highly skilled developer. However, the concept of hiring Node.js developer in India is dependent on factors, like complexity of the project and experience. In general, the cost ranges between US$9 and US$29 per hour.  As the most competent Node.js developer, he/she should stay abreast with the latest technology and potential tools. Indian Node.js developer can provide the business with multitude of advantages, still working on a pocket friendly price as well.


    For a variety of platforms, it is possible for a Node.js developer to create applications. Hence, there is no doubt that the business and the developer should be familiar with this kind of phenomenal programming language. About 2.1% of all the website servers use Node.js framework. While recruiting a Node.js developer, it is essential for the company or the business to find experts who adhere to global standards. Owing to its increasing functionality and popularity, it is highly suggested for businesses to hire Node.js professionals. They can always lead the company’s projects on the platform for a successful completion.