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    How To Replace jQuery With Vue.js?

    March 5, 2018 — By Brain Technosys

    jQuery is the lightweight JavaScript library with bringing more option to do more and write less. The main purpose of the jQuery to use JavaScript on the website and jQuery simplifies a lot of complicated aspects of the JavaScript such as DOM manipulation and AJAX calls. Another advance and progressive framework to build the website user interface is the Vue. Unlike the other monolithic framework, the Vue has been designed from the ground that is quite incrementally adoptable. Core library mainly focused on view layer only with easy to pick up as well as integrating existing project or libraries. Vue also powers the stylish Single-Page Applications with the ultimate combination of modern tooling with supporting libraries. It’s been quite impossible to ignore the hype surrounding the JavaScript frameworks and it also does not fit in the project. There is no need to set up or build the entire system suitable for the small abstraction that is feasible. There are different deployment methods so it takes a lot of time and effort to bill the client to the maximum. Do you want to replace the jQuery With Vue.js then hire PHP developers India to solve your problem to the excellence.

    Replacing jQuery With Vue.js

    Vue.js has released the latest version with many new features that include the improved TypeScript, improving tooling support, Error handling, environment-agnostic server-side along with many numbers of benefits. Vue.js contains awesome improvements suitable for the help Vue.js developers to easily keep everything better in an absolute way. To replace jQuery framework with the Vue.js, you can conveniently hire PHP programmers who are well versed in the field and it would definitely give you the prominent results to the maximum. Professional programmers also well versed in using the config.errorHandler as well as the renderError component to easily handle the errors for applications.


    Handling all the generic errors is quite important to easily increase the speed of the application to the maximum. Replacing jQuery With Vue.js also lets you to easily get the complete new errorCaptured hook suitable top easily capture the errors based on the new way of increasing the techniques. Vue.js brings you the much-improved type declarations with Vue’s out-of-the-box API and it is quite suitable for getting all the component class decorator. New type declarations also easily enable the better Intellisense support suitable for all the JavaScript users as well as power the editor extensions.

    Environment Agnostic SSR

    Since the Vue.js renderers Node.js environment which would be suitable for making to unable seeing the alternative runtime of JavaScript. Choosing the professional PHP development services also lets you to easily build Vue-server-renderer or the environment-agnostic suitable for the pure browser or the JavaScript engines. It is efficient to change the script tag and use HTML and JS based on the tandem. Refactoring with few small codes are quite efficient for improving more assurance. There is no need to rewrite the HTML in JavaScript as there is no need to use the web pack. It is also quite convenient to replace the tags with leaving the markup in much more efficient manner. The code will be quite easier to read as Vue is simple, legible as well as extremely easy to maintain.