Corporate Identity & Logo Design

Brands and corporate identity are business assets and vital promotional tools for success. If accurately designed and maintained, your brand and corporate identity can stimulate powerful feelings of affinity about your corporation and your services or products in your potential customers.

Brain Technosys, is a corporate identify and logo design company offering creative and unique business and brand identity systems that incorporate the combined attributes, implied expectations and promises that employees, clients, investors, associates and a few other key audiences link with your services and product offerings.

What Brain Technosys Can Do For You:

Identity Planning Consultation: Ahead of working on your corporate and brand identification, we execute a brief workshop with you to decide the primary messaging that your corporate and brand identity require to express to your intended audiences.

Logo Designing: We determine your logo, corporate colors and designing variables so that they connect the vision, goal and purpose of your corporation, its services, and its products. We assume all possible purposes of your logo and make certain they would work effectively for you in all prospective scenarios.

Corporate Identity Guidelines and Manual: Appropriate and steady utilization of your logos and some other identity variables is crucial for branding success. We create corporate identity guidelines and manuals that make sure your identity is efficiently and consistently used in all types of visual communication. We supply downloadable logo files, assistance on corporate colors and typography, in-depth usage guidelines, instances of inappropriate usage, brochure templates, along with multimedia and video standards.

Business Card Designing: Effective business card design directions interest. Skilled and experienced designers designs business cards that express your confidence, energy, and organization positioning. We guide you through the complete procedure, everything from printer and paper selection to design idea.

Contact us at to engage our experienced designers and create an eye-catching logo or corporate identity for your business.