Understand your Competition

Why is it crucial to find out your opponent?

Learning your rival is a key part of the advertising and marketing techniques. It becomes simpler when you are aware your rival then produce plans to build your venture thriving. Learning your opponent will let you proceed in the opposition with the aid of productive tactics and applications.

With the assistance of investigation and rival exploration method anyone can analyze their focus on prospective and risks to your online businesses. Our qualified skilled squad is well skilled and are effective at allowing you a study which include almost everything regarding the opponent and the choices for your firm.


How does Brain Technosys enable you to realize your competition?

  • Discover your brand-new opponents
  • Monitor the rating of your respective opponents
  • Obtain the intended keywords utilized by the competitors
  • Assess the index internet pages and links of the competition

Find the methods utilized by your rivals to rise their get ranking

Website Traffic

Our qualified workforce gives you immediate information regarding the site traffic your opponent gets from search engines like google and link exchanges. This will assist review the durability and weak spot of your competition that could supply room for your progression and accomplishment in venture. You will get the relative functionality of each and every competition with immediate updates.

Industry Analysis

You will see the entire industry evaluation based on the a variety of search engines that may serve as the foremost international market. You will discover your competition with the aid of your focus on keyword checklist. Our industry analysis staff offers you an entire list of both direct and indirect opponents for your venture.

Using Keywords

The right using of keywords is the one other criteria for any thriving online business. To recognise the achievement behind your rivals company our professional team can help you analyze the keywords and phrases and provide you a comprehensive report regarding use of keywords in a variety of ad campaigns.

In depth Comparison

Discover where you stand in the rivalry, Our qualified squad offers you an assessment document among you and your adversary in each and every aspect of the venture from keywords to ad campaigns .This will aid evaluate the power, a weakness and the niche potential of your business.

SWOT Analysis

An analysis of a opponent is rarely full using a SWOT analysis this includes strength, weakness, chances and risk. This would offer you a depth review regarding the market. It is possible to carry out efficient ways to expand your internet business determined by them.