Guest Posting Services

Guest Posting has gone on to become one of the most crucial and influential Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in recent times. For a  brand or event promotions or in creating a buzz among the people for some product, Guest posting is one of the most viable ways for building relationships with clients.

A Guest post as the name says is an article that is placed on a particular website or blog by another person who is not the owner of the website or blog. It is a time consuming process but effective. One has to find the relevant websites that are in the same genre as a client’s site and then arrange them using filters like page rank on search engines, update frequency, traffic on the site, RSS subscribers and followers from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and other criteria as such. Once all this is done, one needs to be in touch with the owner request for a guest post on his blog/website. What follows is their approval and then an article by you.

As one can notice, It is not as easy as one would think because there are instances when the website owner won’t approve of your content to be on their site. Also it would take a bit of time, more than what one could think of when it comes to short listing the appropriate sites and creating an article that could attract the customers to your site. That is why our Guest posting services come in handy.




  • The quality of Guest posts is not compromised because of the multi-level quality check process at Brain Technosys.
  • Helps you in getting the best and the finest editorial links for your website.
  • We provide you with the highest quality guest posting services and on behalf of you contact the website owner to approve of your content on their site.
  • Ensures your site getting a higher number of back links. Our team of Guest posting services keeps attention on delivering the kind of quality that the client expects from us.
  • Services in a package so that one can get maximum benefits from it.
  • With our perfect SEO principles and ethical manner, your website will get the quality back links that it requires.
  • Well-nurtured and highly effective, relevant and genuine link building capabilities.
  • Constantly building new relationships and reaching out to high traffic sites and blogs which have better quality in terms of clients.
  • Promote your brand and product amongst those people who are interested in them.


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