PPC Management Services

When it comes to PPC management Services India – Google Adwords management, one name that you can trust is Brain Technosys. One of the rapidly growing entities on this genre, we have earned the epithet of being a leader when it comes to making newbies into top notch service providers. While PPC management is a ticket to gain sales lead, this also bleeds companies if perfumed the wrong way. Most of you will wonder in what way we are different from the countless companies that come laced with the risk of fraud and exorbitant costs?
We promise to handle your PPC and Google Adwords management campaign with a difference. We analyze and adjudge client requisites in depth before jumping onto the table.

We also understand that average CPC or costs per click on Google Adwords are seeing ample hike each year. Our expert teams are well trained and experienced enough to optimize the success of your PPC campaign. This—besides understanding your budgetary concerns. We also get into the nuances of the game to give you results that speak for our work.


  • We are buzzing with energy to make a mark as you are. Our expert team stands testimony to our quality.
  • We are a growing agency and promise of understanding your need to touch the zenith too! Our team offers personalize clientele servicing.
  • Our account managers take time out specifically to discuss your Pay Per Click Management Campaign.
  • We aid you with PPC for each search engine—Bing, Google or YahoO
  • We offer Yahoo search marketing and Google Adwords optimization via A/B testing for landing pages and text
  • We also keeps the risk of fraud at bay via efficient account management
  • Specialized Support No Dream
  • Once with BRAIN TECHNOSYS, our analyst monitors your account on a daily basis and also updates you with weekly reports.
  • We have partnered with a wide range of clients spanning eCommerce, B2C and B2B sectors.


  • Researching negative and positive keywords
  • Competitor analysis
  • Campaigning strategizing and structuring
  • Display network campaigning
  • Advanced optimization practices
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Improvement of quality scores
  • Waste sending elimination
  • ROI improvement
  • Conversion analysis and tracking
  • Split testing services

We endeavor to get you traffic that offers lower costs per conversion and enhances your traffic. Of course, this makes your earn more money.

Get in touch with us and we will assist you after understanding your business budget and ambitions. From Google Adwords tracking to campaigns, we handle each aspect  with ease. With you in tow, rest assured about effectivity in conversion stats, geo-targeting and campaign structure. BRAIN TECHNOSYS can be in your partner in a PPC revolution. Driving traffic to your business will appear cakewalk when you get us on board. Enjoy the joyride!

We have several PPC marketing and management packages available for clients across varied niches. We work on a methodology that allows us to weigh your needs and then suggest a suitable package. All this comes with our commitment to deliver results for your budget, without merely billing you an invoice each month!

If you are looking for PPC management company in India, then Brain Technosys is the right choice.


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