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    Why WordPress Is Important For E-Commerce Business

    February 9, 2018 — By admin

    To take your ecommerce business online, you need to invest in a good website. And, you need to find a good platform to operate your website on. Overall, it’s a great idea to use WordPress for your ecommerce website. More than 60 million websites were powered by WordPress in 2017, making it the most sought-after source for ecommerce business owners.

    There are many reasons why it’s the choice of ecommerce business owners. Here are the most compelling reasons.

    The Importance of  WordPress for E-Commerce Businesses

    Updated and Upgraded CMS

    WordPress is a free and open source CMS, and is regularly upgraded and updated. This means even its templates are regularly updated, thereby giving you the chance to put your best foot forward in the world of ecommerce.

    Easy-to-Use SEO

    Once you install WordPress, you’re all set for SEO for Google search. That’s because it comes pre-loaded with user-friendly URLs and easy to use codes. When you begin using WordPress, search engines are notified of your site. Besides, any activity emerging from your ecommerce site is seen faster and accounted for your search engine ranking.

    The Admin Panel

    WordPress is endowed with an easy-to-use administration panel. It makes web page management easy and does not demand any advanced knowledge of computers, as it is meant for those without such detailed knowledge. It presents several content options, such as images, image gallery, videos, edit text, etc.

    Large Range of Themes

    WordPress has a wide range of themes from which you can choose the one you want. These themes can be edited, and being open source, you can modify them all you want.

    Load Your Shopping Cart With WordPress’ Plugins

    You can choose from WordPress’ huge range of plug-ins or add-ons that you can add as bells and whistles to your site. For most of the plug-ins, all you need do is to upload them and add the products and begin selling. Ask a reliable web designer for the best ones for your site and take it from there. And yes, many of WordPress’ plug-ins are free!!

    No Monthly Fees

    For someone like you who’s just starting out in business, an extra bill means a ride through hell. So, imagine the glee when you’re told that WordPress is free and open source. It means you don’t pay any monthly fee.

    Growing Site Security

    If you hire dedicated WordPress developers and web designers, you can make your site safer and hack-proof. You can build a team of good developers and designers by taking the services of an experienced and a widely reputed WordPress development company. Ask your friends and associates for a few good names in the industry.

    Dedicated Developers

    Through the efforts of dedicated developers who integrate your project with advanced functions, it will be much easier to reach you online. With a uniquely designed ecommerce site, your site’s shopping cart and other features will be highlighted and personalized.

    Superfast Site Speed

    With WordPress, your ecommerce site speed will be vastly increased. This will mean your pages will have faster loading times, making your customers happier, and Google too.