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    Tips For Improve Asp.Net Application Performance

    October 19, 2016 — By admin

    Have you been trying to know about the tips to improve performance of application? This article is having few tips to help you.

    View state:

    It is the better mechanism which shows the details of entry posted on server. It gets loaded each time in the server. This looks like an additional feature for users. As it gets loaded from server, it adds more size to page, but it may affect the performance when the process like user’s registration is going on the page.
    Enable View State = “false” should be given based on requirements. It should be given at control, page and config settings.

    Eliminate Session and Application Variables:

    A session is simply a mechanism of storage. It helps developers to take values across pages. It will be stored based on chosen session state. By default, it will be stored in Inproc. The default settings use IIS. As the session variable is accessed by more numbers, it may give lot of responsibility to IIC thus makes performance slow. It might be avoided for most situations. If you want to send information across pages, we can use Cross Post Back.

    Use Caching:

    ASP.Net has an important role in caching mechanism. It gives highest performance and avoids client server process. It gives you importance to hire best developer.
    The three types of caching are being present in If the static content occurs in full pages, it should be used with output cache. Its job is to store content on IIS. As the page is requested, it will be loaded following from IIS for certain period of time. As soon, in order to store part of web page, fragment paging can be used.

    Using CSS and Script Files In Effective Manner:

    If you have large CSS files to be used for while site in multiple pages, based on requirements, it can be divided and stored with varying names. It reduces the loading time of pages.

    Images Size:

    It is better to reduce the application of images in web to improve the performance of Asp. The main reason is, it may take more time to load especially on dial-up connection. Instead of using back-ground images, it can be accomplished on CSS colors. It is smart to use light weight images on all pages.

    CSS Based Layout:

    The whole web page design will come under the control of CSS with the presence of div tags not with table layout. In order to design best web page, one can even hire asp .net development company india. It increases the loading performance of page in dramatic manner. It just helps to enforce the same standard guideline throughout the site. It also reduces the future changes in easy mannerism. While we use nested table layout, it may take more time to render.

    Validate Using Java script:

    Instead of validating on server side, manual validation should be done at client browser. Java script helps to do validation at client side. It reduces the additional responsibility of server.

    The plug-in software helps to disable coding in client browser. The sensitive application should validate server side. Therefore, these are steps to increase the performance of ASP.NET.