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    How Development Teams Are Improving Code Quality in 2017

    January 5, 2018 — By admin

    If you are a software developer, then a question might arise in your mind. How, as a part of the development team, can you improve the quality of code in 2017? Generally speaking, this question was posed to about six hundred professionals involved in the development of software. This was done as a part of a survey known as a state of code quality in 2016. As a part of Offshore Web Development Company India, it is a valid question that development teams were asked to answer it on a continuous basis. According to Web Development Services India, software development teams, varying from less than five to more than fifty, answered this question. The answers about code quality improvements were found to be positive in 2017. On the overall, the sentiments of the entire team were found positive about improving the quality of code in 2017.

    Factors that Influenced Code Quality In 2017

    Review of the code is one of the vital factors that helped in improving the quality code in 2017. In addition to this, as a part of Offshore Web Development Company India, other factors like unit testing, and functional testing, also found critical in improving the code quality. However, in 2017, it was clear that the development teams understood the importance of conducting code reviews. This aspect was thought to be more than that compared to the previous year, 2016. This is how the development teams were engaged in improving the software quality that they wanted to offer, as a part of Web Development Services India process.

    Biggest Benefits Of Coding Reviews

    Some of the biggest benefits of performing coding reviews included that there was ninety percent improvement in the code quality. Besides, there was seventy-two percent of knowledge sharing among the software development team members. Furthermore, reviews provided the opportunity to develop other developers with less experience. Beyond this, reviews helped software team to follow all the standards of coding Offshore Web Development Company India. Hence, improving quality, maintainability, knowledge sharing and collaboration, are some of the wide range of benefits found while performing code reviews in 2017.


    About Code Review

    Majority of the development teams, consider code review, as an ad-hoc process. But, through Web Development Services India, about fifty-three percent of development teams consider it as meeting based reviews. In a nutshell, it has been seen that 63 percent of reviews done are the tool based ad-hoc approach, and 53 percent code reviews done are based on meetings.

    Quality of Code

    According to Web Development Services India respondents, the tool based code review gives positive results about the software quality. The opinion of the teams using ad-hoc code reviews, with regard to the quality of software, is not encouraging. However, there is an increased focus on the quality and understanding as to how code reviews can assist teams in building the best software through Offshore Web Development Company India. It is apparent that software development teams come across several obstacles while the process of code reviews is executed. The obstacles faced by the team include three types. They are workload, deadline and time constraints, and low staffing. These are some of the challenges that need to be defeated and addressed properly. Here, the aim is to improve the quality of software development beyond 2017 as well.

    Finally, it has been seen that workload, time and budget, are considered as the top concern of the development teams. This helps in improving the code quality. It also makes the teams work with positive results and more efficiently in the Web Development Services India process.